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东·西-Dong Xi Music

Chao Tian & Tom Teasley Chinese Dulcimer and World Percussion

Dong Xi Duo’s name derives from the identities and the background of its composing musicians. Also, it represents an element of surprises from the Chinese idiom “feint to the east but attack in the west”. This is one of their signatures in their music and represents their unique and interesting ways to create music dialogue for their music. They use the subtleties of Chinese dulcimer to blend seamlessly with the world music percussion to create an elaborate and amazing duo improvisation.


Chao Tian’s China to American Roots Tour

Project Locréa


Project Locréa is a musical alliance organized by Flutist Yana Nikol.It introduces audiences to the different musical traditions of the world seen through the lenses of artistic creativity. Combining traditional instruments (Chinese dulcimer, Azeri tar, Argentine bombo) with western classical (flute, guitar) and jazz (upright and electric bass) instruments, the project’s focus is on bringing a better understanding and a deeper connection between cultures. 

Since its birth, the ensemble has gained the love and appreciation of audiences throughout the DC area and has contributed to the education of young musicians by sharing with them the values of creating music. 

The unique sonority of the compositions and arrangements brings together tradition and modern days’ sound. This comes as a result of the integration of the diverse musical and cultural backgrounds of the musicians.


Parallel Intersections

The sounds of the tropical steelpan elegantly punctuates the bold, ethereal lilt of the Chinese dulcimer, creating an absolutely transcendent soundscape.

Parallel Intersections goes beyond the boundaries of each instrument, engaging in musical creations that are based on the exploration of commonness and differences. The duo comprises of Josanne Francis on the steelpan and Chao Tian on the Chinese dulcimer who first met as members of Strathmore’s Artist in Residence Class of 2018. Both are masters of their respective instruments: Francis made history as the first classical steelpan soloist to perform a concerto at Carnegie Hall, and Tian has been presented with the Wen Hua award—the highest honor given to a Chinese musician. Francis and Tian share a similar background in classical music and are able to merge their unmistakably different cultural backgrounds in Parallel Intersections.

One patron described the duo as a “spellbinding and joy-bring combo!”, while another expressed that it was one of the best musical experiences he has had in his life.

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