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A leading performer on the Chinese dulcimer, board member of Beijing Association of China Traditional Music, leader of “Always Folk” ensemble, and a member of the prestigious Artist in Residence program at Strathmore Music Center, Chao Tian has established a career as a soloist, educator, advocate, and composer in both traditional Chinese music and other genres. As a lecturer at Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) and a former member of the world renowned Twelve Girls Band, she worked many years in the discipline of musical and cultural exchange. 
Her musical journey began at the age of 5 and at age 12 she gained entrance to the Affiliated Middle School of China Conservatory with a major in dulcimer. Later she was recommended for immediate admission to China Conservatory, where she obtained the Master Degree of Arts in Musical Performance in 2010. As an ambassador of art and culture, she had performed in over 30 different countries and regions across the globe and she has collaborated with numerous acclaimed musicians in many unprecedented projects that explore connections between the musical worlds of China and the others. She has contributed to local Chinese community’s cultural awareness and she was awarded honorable member of Chinese Music Society of Greater Washington for her dedication and contribution of cultural exchange and she was appointed an international program officer of BLCU Arts College to better build cooperation abroad.
Meanwhile, she is intrigued by various cultures and music from other parts of the world, which have given her more challenges and ideas. Her music reflects her role as a leader of younger generation Chinese musicians, and her understanding of traditional and contemporary music, from the east to the west. She wishes to let the world hear the sound from the East in her unique way.

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Wang, Ning, member of “Always Folk” ensemble, faculty of Beijing Language and Culture University, board member of Beijing Association of China Traditional Music, founder of Zheng Ji Arts Education. Ning is a young performer of Zheng, She studied under Professor Qiu Ji. Ning was chief Zheng player of HUA XIA traditional orchestra and has visited America, France, Singapore, and South Korea for exchange of music performances. Ning attended music recording of the movie "HUANG JIN DA JIE AN", Musical Theater of musician San Bao, Record of famous singer LI Lingyu. Ning held her graduation concerts in July 2012 and June 2013 successfully.
In 2008 Ning has won the “golden award of "WEN HUA" in traditional music group of China Conservatory.
In 2008, she has won the “gold award” of "Spring of Shanghai", Jiang nan Si zhu Music invitation. In 2010, She was awarded of silver award of Zheng junior in Macao Traditional Musical Instrument Competition.
Her first recording in world of Zheng's Voice software “yellow river sound” is popular in Europe.



Song, Feifei, member of "Always Folk” ensemble, faculty of Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing Association of China Traditional Music.Song studied under Professor Song Fei and Professor An Ruli whom both are renowned Erhu artists and educators. In 2013 Feifei was awarded a master degree from Chinese Conservatory in ethnomusicology studying under professor Sang Haibo. In 2014 Feifei won a gold award of "TAO LI FEN FANG" Chinese traditional music instruments performance contest. She also won the golden award of "WEN HUA" for Chinese traditional music instruments team in 2008. Feifei has made her numerous performing appearance in CCTV, BTV, the National Grand Theater, and the Beijing Concert Hall etc. Feifei went and visited more than 20 countries like Austria, Italy etc. organized by the Ministry of Culture, Chinese conservatory and was widely acclaimed.

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Liu Xiaolong, member of “Always Folk” ensemble. Liu started learning bamboo flute (Di Zi) at the age of six. He began his study of musical performance at Affiliated High School of China Conservatory in 1999, and he was graduated from China Conservatory in 2009. He has talent in composing, either. Since 2006, Liu has written numerous pieces of music. Now, he is studying as a graduate student in conducting and composing and he also practices in many school bands as a music director. Liu was the composer and player of competition work “The Beautiful legend” for CCTV National Instruments Competition. Liu was invited to compose for the Orchestrate music of”CCTV Top 10 Teen Chinese Zither Instrumentalists Concert” and “CCTV Top 10 Teen Chinese Lute instrumentalists Concert”. Some of adapted music such as “Zhan Tai Feng”, ”Da Hu Shang Shan”,“Cang Hai Yi Sheng Xiao”, “Pirates of Caribbean”, “Hotel California”, “Heaven and Earth”, and “Give me a rose”, were highly appraised by audiences and Professor Liu is the composer of opening song of comic animation for 2016 CCTV Spring Festival Gala evening.



Yan Luting, lecturer of China Conservatory, member of “Always Folk” ensemble. She is the first youth Banhu performer who was awarded the Gold Medal both of the Wenhua Prize and the China Central Television (CCTV) Traditional Instruments Competition. She studies Banhu, Jinghu, Gaohu and many other traditional string instruments with Professor Shen Cheng of China Conservatory Since She entered the attached middle school of China Conservatory as early as 2000. In 2006, she was recommended for immediate admission to China Conservatory, and her mentor is Professor Shen Cheng. During the process, she also learned Erhu with Professor Liu Changfu and minored in Jinghu with famous Jinghu Performer of China National Peking Opera Company named Zhang Shunxiang, and got guidance from many other famous string instruments performers. After she graduated in 2013, she became a teacher of China Conservatory. And then she awarded the Excellent Advisor honor in the National Vocational Colleges Skills Competition. She has been to Europe, Asia, Africa and other places for cultural exchange and performance, and repeatedly performed on CCTV music channel.

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Gao Sichao, member of “Always Folk” ensemble,faculty of Beijing Language and Culture University. Sichao has studied Pipa under the famous artist and educator Professor Liu Dehai and she was awarded her master degree from the China Conservatory. Sichao won the golden award of "WEN HUA" of Chinese traditional musical instruments of the ensemble in 2008, and also awarded with the golden award of Pipa solo performance in this competition event. In 2011, she won the golden award of “Jiang Nan Si Zhu” in Shanghai Spring festival. Gao visited many countries for performances such as Austria, France, Germany, America, Turkey, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Vietnam,Hong Kong,Taiwan,organized by the China Ministry of culture.



Yang Yang, member of “Always Folk” ensemble. She was taught by Pro. Sun Weixi, Pro. Hao Yifan, Wu Qiong. She was invited to the Grand National Theater opening ceremony, the opening ceremony and closing ceremony of the Music Festival of Central Conservatory. In 2014, she was graduated from Central Conservatory, Obtained Master Degree in Art (Major in Pipa). She works for Changping School Attached to Beijing Normal University as a music teacher since 2014. She was awarded of “Excellence Award of CCTV National Music in Group Performance”. She was also honored with the Top Award of ‘Long Yin’ Cup of national instrument competition. In 2010, she visited France, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica and other counties as Cultural Ambassador. In 2007 and 2014 she held her personal solo concerts and issued DVDs.



Wu Yaolei, a musician of Chinese traditional instrument Pipa, member of “Always Folk” ensemble.

She began to study Pipa at the age 6 and she gained entrance to the Affiliated Middle School of China Conservatory with a major in Pipa. She graduated from Chinese Conservatory with a Bachelor of Arts and she is a current graduate student pursuing her Master degree. She won the second prize (Youth Group) China Central Television (CCTV) Traditional Instruments Competition in 2007 and the Silver metal (Youth Group)of “Dun Huang Award” China Youth Competition of Pipa.

As a member of China Youth Traditional Orchestra, she was invited by University of Pennsylvania for cultural exchange in 2010 and she also performed in Japan, Korea, and many countries around the world.

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CHEN JINGJING, San Xian & Ruan

Chen Jingjing, a musician of Chinese traditional instrument Sanxian, member of “Always Folk” ensemble, Faculty of ZheJiang Conservatory of Music. 
Jingjing started learning Chinese music at the age of eight. She began her study of performance at Affiliated High School of China Conservatory in 2004 and graduated from China Conservatory in 2014. Now, she is pursuing her master degree in China Conservatory.
In 2013, she was awarded the “Golden Award” in The 5th International Chinese Instrumental Competition.
In 2014, Jingjing was awarded “Award of Excellence” in the fifth “Wenhua splendor award”.
In 2016, Jingjing held her personal solo concerts in China Conservatory.

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Qi Wenduo, a musician of Chinese traditional instrument Ruan, member of “Always Folk” ensemble. He studied under famous musician Lin Xianshun, Zhou Xian since his childhood, and he studied under Ma Lanhua and Professor Wei Wei in China Conservatory. He graduated with a Bachelor degree of Arts in 2016. He was the member of the Chinese Juvenile National Orchestra, the Chinese teenager Plucked Orchestra, the band of Ruan Xian, and the Hua Xia traditional Orchestra. He was awarded the Golden Award of Beijing Invitation Competition of Ruan. Wenduo was invited to perform in many countries around the world which have been greatly praised and appreciated widely.


LING BO, Sheng

Ling Bo, member of "Always Folk” ensemble, faculty of Beijing Language and Culture University,master degree of sheng from the national music department of China Conservatory, members of China Nationalities Orchestra Society, studied under Professor Li Guanglu. In 2012, Bo was awarded “People's Choice Award” in the CCTV Competition of Chinese Musical Instrument. In 2015, Bo was awarded First prize of wind instrument category in Young Adult and professional groups in first Taiwan “Ri Yue Tan” music competition. In 2015, Bo was also awarded Special gold medal of sheng major in young adult and professional group in the fifth China musical instrument competition. Bo has visited Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Berlin, Ireland, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, Hungary etc. to perform and play as a solo.


BAI KAI, Percussion

Bai Kai, member of “Always Folk” ensemble, leading performer of Beijing Traditioanl Orchestra. He received a master degree of Arts from China Conservatory. He studies with Professor Wang Yidong and Wang Jun. Kai started learning percussion since his childhood. He was admitted to the Chinese Conservatory and got a Bachelor degree of Arts. During the university he have repeatedly involved in recording professor Wang Yidong’s tutorial CD and the audio samples of sound source for the ethnic percussion, meanwhile participating in a number of Music production and sound record in many movies. Furthermore, he was invited to perform in the United States, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, South Korea, and Tanzania which have been greatly praised and appreciated widely.


LIU XIAOXI, Vocalist & Keyboard

Liu Xiaoxi, member of “Always Folk” ensemble, faculty of Beijing Language and Culture University. Liu received her master degree in piano and she was a teacher as art directors in Vocal Music Major, Shenyang Conservatory. She is the founder of Classical Voice Arts Centre. Liu studied under Professor Nicholas, Successor of Schubert, and Austrian national piano master joined “Voice Action” sponsored by Gong Linna and acted as the bass of “SHENG LING Choir”, began to learn “QIN GE” at the same time. Liu sang “DIU DIU TONG” ”HUANG HE CHUAN FU QU” “DONG QU CHUN LAI” “YAO LAN QU” (wrote by Lao Luo) with Gong Linna in Professor Dong Weisong’s student's Chinese opera concert in Chinese Conservatory of Music, Oct 2010. The show premiered is successful. Liu sang “DIU DIU TONG” “XIANG SI RAN” in The New Year concert of Great Hall of the People in 2011, she also gave her performance in Lantern Festival party of HNTV, The 7th opening ceremony of international animation festival ZJTV and so on. Besides, Liu sang five classical Chinese poetry and (wrote by Chen Yi) etc. Liu recorded vocal accompaniment for Young Composer Hu Tingjiang’ song, joined “Simple folk” music studio as Voice and joined the Traditional Culture to College show, sang “YANG GUAN SAN DIE” “HU JIA SHI BA PO” etc.

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