A leading performer on the Chinese dulcimer, improvisor , sound designer, and advocate for Chinese traditional music, Chao Tian combines her scholarly experience with her virtuosic ability to engage a truly global crowd and build conversations among cultures.

Photo by Jonathan Timmes


“Chao Tian’s mastery of the Chinese Hammered Dulcimer is awe inspiring to this GRAMMY® Award winner. I have heard her play Chinese classical music, jazz, old-time American fiddle tunes, Americana song repertoire and calypso. Frankly, she can play anything, but more importantly, it is all played with feeling and panache.”-- Cathy Fink 


“In the history of Strathmore’s highly-praised Artist in Residence program, Chao Tian stands out not only as a extraordinary musician, but also as a brilliant collaborator. She is constantly exploring new musical horizons. I anxiously await her next adventures! ”---Betty Scott


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