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Unheard Sounds

00:00 / 03:45

Monologue and dialogue with unusual sounds and fantastic stories by Chao Tian and various collaborators. 

"Muppet, Came Alive" , 2020.

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Paralell Intersections 

Chinese Dulcimer & Steelpan 

00:00 / 02:26

A duo creates novel things in new surroundings through convergence while preserving their culture. The sounds of the tropical steelpan elegantly punctuate the bold, ethereal lilt of the Chinese dulcimer, creating an absolutely transcendent soundscape. 

"Water in the Attic" (Live  at Intersection Festival  at Atlas Performing Arts Center ) by  Steelpan musician Josanne Francis. and Chao Tian.


Always Folk Ensemble

00:00 / 05:48

A Chinese traditional ensemble committed to sharing new perspectives on Chinese music with audiences while researching and promoting Chinese traditional music, including Sizhu (Silk and Bamboo Music), Cantonese music, and Nanyin (a "living fossil" from China's musical history).

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“Yun Qing”(云庆) by Always Folk Ensemble

行樂室内乐团 LOGO_edited.jpg

American Hammered Dulcimer

00:00 / 02:26

Chao Tian is the grantee of the Maryland State Arts Council's Folklife Apprenticeship Program. She studied American hammered dulcimer music under the guidance of  Karen Ashbrook. Chao's playing on American HD is an combination with Chinese music style, Chines dulcimer technique, and experimental development.

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Dong Xi 

World, Experimental, Fusion

00:00 / 04:48

A duo focusing on presenting an efficacious musical  dialogue in a “controlled improvisation” setting. 

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"Ninth Heaven" by  world percussionist Tom Teasley and Chao Tian


Dots and Lines 

00:00 / 02:31

Dots and lines are the most basic artistic elements and concepts of drawing. This project subtly applies these fundamentals to the collaboration among the Chinese dulcimer, string instruments, wind instruments, and vocals. 

"Forbidden City"  (Live at Matinee Idylls of  Hylton Performing Arts Center ) by  Cellist Wytold and Chao Tian. A six-string electric cello was used for this one.


From China to Appalachia

00:00 / 02:29

TWO-TIME GRAMMY® Award Winners, Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer teamed up with versatile Chinese Classical Hammered Dulcimer player Chao Tian to make a US-China Conversation with combining traditional and contemporary Americana and Chinese music.

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