“Always Folk” is a traditional Chinese ensemble founded in 2008 by a group of gifted young artists which excels in its dynamic, artistic quality and technicality and share a new vision of traditional Chinese music. The members of “Always Folk” all graduated from the most prestigious music school in China, China Conservatory of Music and Central Conservatory of Music, and multiple members have won various gold medals in domestic and foreign instrumental competitions. "Always Folk" was created on the purpose to recreate, research and to further propagate traditional Chinese folk music and promoting the ancient and mysterious oriental phonology, using Chinese outstanding traditional music as an instrument, and through modern forms of artistic heritage. Meanwhile, “Always Folk” also focus on performing Chinese traditional music pieces with bold innovation and exploration with contemporary qualities additives and diversification.


In 2008, “Always Folk " was awarded the "Golden Award” by the Ministry of Culture of China in the third "Wenhua splendor Award" National Instrumental Competition, and “Golden Award” in 2011 “Spring of Shanghai” International festival Invitational contest of Jiang Nan Si Zhu. Since 2011, "Always Folk" ensemble group has held over 40 concerts in Beijing Concert Hall, the Forbidden City Concert Hall, and Peking University Centennial Hall and others. Also, the group has held numerous concerts and lectures in Beijing’s acclaimed Universities which was greatly received. In 2014,"Always Folk" conducted a special performance in China Conservatory of Music's fifty Anniversary and was unanimously applauded by experts in traditional Chinese music; in April 2015, "Always Folk" held a concert in the over a century old Chinese opera house Zheng Yi Ci, both domestic and foreign audience responded enthusiastically and was dubbed by the media as "dependable young propagators of Chinese traditional music". In 2018, "Always Folk" was invited to hold two concerts in Salzburg and Vienna at Austrian-Chinese Profound Arts Festival. Always Folk music studio has cooperation with BLCU Arts college and Chinese Musician Society of Greater Washington (CMSGW).


To the members of “Always Folk", this group means a pursuit of ongoing developing Chinese folk music, a representation of today’s Chinese young musicians in a continuous promotion of the Chinese traditions, and relentless strive for achieving such goal, “we are on the road and we are momentous”.