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Unheard Sounds is grounded in an exploration of immigrant artist's self-expression. It prompts cross-disciplinary creativity through improvisation and ensures a voice for the minority as well as an equitable hearing.

​"Great music has the faintest notes, the great form is without shape."

This project include two parts: monologue and dialogue, which will be developed through solo performance and collaborations.

"I never play alone, I play with silence."

Monologue: Reshaping - Vocabulary (Improv.04/23/22) 

Imagery Video

Monologue: Playing with Silence - Fish (Improv.04/23/22) 

Imagery Video

Monologue (Improv.09/21/21) 

Monologue: Interpreter (Improv. 11/23/21)

Dialogue: Introspection (Improv. 01/15/22) 

Dialogue: No definition (Improv.04/01/22) 

Unheard Sounds - Rusty (Improv. 04/10/22)

Monologue: Incense (Improv.05/05/22) 

Unheard Sounds - NextLOOK Premiere (05/13/22)

Unheard Sounds - Tissue Repair (04/05/21)

Unheard Sounds - Rambler (Improv.11/17/21)

Unheard Sounds - Undercurrent (04/07/21)

Unheard Sounds - Painting Scroll (Improv. 11/16/22)

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